Beware of the sneak thieves this summer

ASKING FOR IT: Don’t leave stuff unattended on the beach.

AS the Costa del Sol prepares to receive millions of visitors this summer, residents and tourists alike are warned to be extra-vigilant, since the number of pickpocketing, shoplifting and other incidents of petty larceny tend to increase at this time of year.

Around 30 per cent of all such incidents take place in July, August and September, with police even warning of dedicated bands of thieves who move up and down the Costa, keeping police on their toes as they stay in a place for just a few days before moving on.

Malaga city centre is a favourite with pickpockets, especially when a cruise ship is in town, while others walk popular beaches wearing a rucksack and pilfering items left on the beach by sunbathers as they take a dip or pop to the bar for a drink.


Last year was the first time in five years that the number of robberies reported exceeded the year before, with 28,667 complaints in 2015 compared to 28,416 in 2014, although this still represents a massive decrease from 2011.


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