Abandoned for three decades

LEFT ABANDONED: The building is to be cleaned up.

TORREVIEJA has promised to tidy up a site in the city that has been left abandoned for years.

The council has ordered the pest control and cleaning of the building next to the Vista Alegre Exhibition Hall and has agreed to give it a use in the budgets of 2017. 

The plot of 490 square metres has been abandoned for nearly three decades in the centre of Torrevieja.


It was handed to the Generalitat as part of an ambitious project presented by former Mayor Pedro Hernandez Mateo in 2007 which was to turn it in to a residence for sailing students. He announced work would start on its construction within six months with a budget of over €5.5 million.

As the project never materialised Mayor Jose Manuel Dolon has asked the Generalitat to return the site to the city so they can look at the most appropriate use for it and improve the site which is “damaging the urban environment” in the heart of the city.


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