Woman injured by fatigued furniture

POLICE INJURY: Woman was taken to Torrevieja Hospital after hurting herself.

 A WOMAN was taken to hospital after injuring her knee by falling off a broken chair.

The 70-year-old was at the Guardia Civil headquarters in Torrevieja to lodge a complaint when she sat on a broken chair that collapsed. She was seen by an ambulance crew on site but was taken to Torrevieja Hospital with a possible fractured knee.

She has since denounced the incident with the Unified Association of Civil Guards (AUGC) in a statement criticising the state of abandonment of the furniture of the complaints office. 


The AUGC said there was a warning sign on the chair telling people not to sit on it but the sign was in Spanish and the woman was of a foreign nationality and did not understand it.

The seating area with the damaged chair has now been removed.

This incident comes just days after AUGC Alicante denounced “the pressure on agents stationed in Torrevieja and the poor condition of the equipment and facilities of the headquarters of the Guardia Civil.”



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