Spearfishing ban

© flickr by Sohaib Tm
BAN: Spearfishing has been banned in the Marine Reserve of Llevant.

THE prohibition of spearfishing imposed in the Marine Reserve of Llevant has provoked harsh criticism among the spearfishing collective, underwater activity clubs and related businesses.

The groups affected say that it is a measure of “exceptional radicalism” that violates their right to access the sea and its resources.

The decision to ban the activity was made on May 18 in the Fishing Council at the request of fishermen from Alcudia and Cala Rajada. The spearfishermen said that they do not understand why the ban only affects them.


In a statement the spearfishing group affirmed that they have always supported the creation of integral reserves with an adequate plan for use and with the necessary restrictions. They however criticised the speed of the decision made by the Council of the Environment without first consulting them.



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