Proof of the pudding

© flickr by La Moncola Gobierno de España)
MARIANO RAJOY: Pre-election promises.

ELECTION promises seldom have to be broken before the punters trudge down to the polling station.

But that’s what happened to acting president Mariano Rajoy who pledged to lower taxes if he is re-elected on June 26. But he has also promised the EU’s president Jean-Claude Juncker that once re-elected he will make all the cuts necessary to meet Spain’s deficit target.

The voting public is sadly aware that politicians’ promises are like piecrusts and meant to be broken, but this could be the first time the pie didn’t even make it into the oven.



Glaring absence

FORMER socialist presidents Felipe Gonzalez and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero have both travelled to Venezuela. Gonzalez hoped to join lawyers defending political prisoners Leopoldo Lopez and Antonion Ledezma but got the bum’s rush. Zapatero fruitlessly attempted to talk sense into Nicolas Maduro whose government can’t accept defeat in the 2015 elections. Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera was the latest to visit and meet opponents to the regime. He couldn’t resist pointing out that no one from Podemos has yet visited. Pablo Iglesias, Iñigo Errejon and Alberto Monedero formerly assessed Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez so their absence is glaring. Or are they reluctant to draw attention to the outcome of their advice?


No majority

IF pollsters are correct Podemos-IU will overtake the PSOE socialists on June 26, but won’t have an overall majority.  Likewise the Partido Popular will be the most-voted party but equally unable to form a government.  Looks like it will be a long hot summer dominated by conversations between the deaf and poetry-readings by the sightless.


Unholy union

ANTONIO CAÑIZARES, Archbishop of Valencia, took his usual swing at gay marriage.  

Bigoted Cañizares claimed it undermines and demolishes the sacrament of holy matrimony but he contradicts himself. Many homosexuals are keen to marry  because they respect the institution as much as the heterosexuals that Cañizares would reserve it for.


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