Brighter future for Ciudad de la Luz

NEW HOME: Will film studios become new home of RTVV?

THE ill-fated Ciudad de la Luz film studios in Alicante could become the new home of Radio Television Valenciana (RTVV) in the province.

The broadcaster closed down during budget cuts by the previous regional government in November 2013 but will recommence this summer.  

Bankrupt and at the centre of a squabble with Brussels because it was built with public money, the film studios were due to be auctioned, but bids did not reach the required amount. 


Regional President Ximo Puig was confident, he said, that the European Union would now allow the Valenician regional government to reclaim the complex: “We have renegotiated with Brussels and following the auction it is our understanding that we have complied with the EU’s orders,” Puig told the regional parliament: “If everything goes as we wish, the Generalitat, as Ciudad de la Luz’s principal credit, will once again be its proprietors.”

Puig had already announced some days earlier that the complex will house the Valencian Community’s School of Cinematography and RTVV’s Alicante Province headquarters. 

The ultra-modern and well-equipped studios cost €343 million to be built.


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