Gay Pride celebrations heating up in Torremolinos


THE low-key, unassuming flag unfurling that took place on June 2 was only the calm before the storm now that gay pride has fluttered down in full force in Torremolinos.

A series of jubilant performances that took place in Plaza La Nogalera on Thursday evening (June 2) gave an eager throng of revellers a substantial helping of the divine drama that is sure to unfold across the town over the next few days. At 9pm, the actors Bibiana Fernandez and Manuel Bandera gave the official pregon (opening speech), in which they reminded onlookers that Gay Pride is not an event only for the LGBT community, but rather a series of activities that is meant to be enjoyed by all people, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation.

A glance at the crowd confirmed this to be true as men and women, foreigners and Spaniards blended into a sea of rainbow and glitter while children as young as four or five could be seen giggling along as they watched the exuberant performance of the Drag Queen Virginia Jamon, who made her way to the stage following the customary raising of the rainbow flag, which will hang proudly over La Nogalera right up until the end of Sunday (June 5).


The festivities are still just getting started; the real party starts tonight. As Fernandez and Bandera emphatically asserted during the pregon: “Long live Torremolinos! Long live equality! Long live freedom! Long live diversity! Long live pride!”


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