G7 talk Brexit

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SPECIAL SESSION: G7 members in Japan.

AT the latest G7 meeting in Japan, the leaders of the six leading industrialised nations, together with the European Union made it clear that they sided with David Cameron in wanting Britain to remain within the European Union saying that any decision to leave would pose a “serious threat to global growth.”

Whilst those in favour of leaving will accuse the group of cronyism and promotion of national self-interest, those who wish to remain will be delighted of the communiqué issued jointly by the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the USA supported by the European Union, and of course David Cameron.

Heads of state from a number of less developed countries around the world were invited to attend which gave them unprecedented access to the G7 Heads of State. It was agreed that much needed to be done, global growth is a major priority to deal with threats to the world’s economy and security.



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