Valparaiso foundation welcomes artists again

Foundation: Valparaiso opens its doors to artists.

DURING May, Mojacar’s Valparaiso foundation reopened its doors to receive the first recipients of scholarships dedicated to promoting artistic creation. Following a long period of inactivity, the foundation, formed in 1990, has been able to reintroduce the scholarships due to a renewed collaboration with Mojacar Council which aims to benefit the artists, the town and the foundation itself.

The four artists chosen as the first new participants were Nils Bjervig, Xosei Alvarez, Carsten Dahl and Santiago Panni, all artists working in different disciplines and from different countries.  

At the end of their stay in Mojacar, the artists were pleased to exhibit the work they had done in the locality.


Mojacar Council hopes this initiative will provide a framework for Mojacar’s status and source of inspiration to the art world. 


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