Two swimmers dead in Torremolinos and Fuengirola

© Nito/Shutterstock
POPULAR: El Bajondillo is one of the most popular beaches in Torremolinos.

IT was a black morning on the Costa’s beaches on Thursday June 2, with two swimmers losing their lives within twenty minutes of one another despite the best efforts of lifeguards.

The first accident happened around 11.20am on El Bajondillo beach in Torremolinos, when a 66-year-old Salamancan bather with a history of coronary issues suffered a heart attack, with emergency services pronouncing him dead at the scene.

Occurring just 24 hours after Torremolinos had taken the decision to introduce its beach safety services early this year, there was nothing that could be done to save the tourist.

At 11.37am, less than 20 minutes later, the 112 emergency services received a call that the lifeless body of a 67-year-old woman had been pulled from the water at La Cepa beach in Fuengirola, with cause of death not yet established.


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