Tragic end to argument over missed flight in Sevilla

© Benjamín Núñez González

A THIRTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD man handed himself in to the police on Wednesday evening (June 1) and confessed to having killed his partner in a rage after missing a flight to Italy.

The Romanian man presented himself at a Local Police station in Bollulos del Condado, where he is believed to have been living for some months while working for a circus, and explained to officers that he had strangled his 32-year-old girlfriend of the same nationality during an argument and left her body in the boot of a car in an abandoned industrial warehouse close to Sevilla’s San Pablo airport.

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The Guardia Civil was immediately alerted and accompanied the alleged killer back to the scene, where they found the woman’s body under a blanket and confirmed the death.

The man has been handed over to the National Police force for questioning.


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