Rules reviewed for motorhomes

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MOTORHOMES are barred from stopping in streets and beaches in most municipalities, although that could soon be about to change.  

A proposal from the Compromis party would give town halls the option of letting motorhomes stay.

 The Federacion de Campings criticised a proposal it argued could see public bodies compete unfairly with legal campsites.


“We have to spend money on sites, taxes, upkeep and staff,” protested Federation president Juan Delgado.

“We would not object to town halls providing suitable areas. But we would if they charged much less without complying with the same conditions,” he warned.

Camping regulations have the consensus of the sector, argued PP tourism spokesman Fernando Pastor.  Compromis argues the initiative merely responds to the growing popularity of caravanning by distinguishing between parking and camping.



  1. council people arguing amongst themselves yet again – telling us what we can and cannot do….people with motorhomes have brains…oh nooo!!!!!….make sure everyone knows that they must be a slave and not live in a motorhome….lets pretend we like it and we are giving them some rope, but really all we are doing is saying ok , we are unable to stop the sales of motorhomes but we are as sure as sh*t gunna make these sobs pay for having one……more bs just a different day. If you dont print this then you really are a shallow turd….

  2. I notice that all of the motorhomes that have been in the large car park at La Cala de Mjias for months have suddenly disappeared and assume that is part of the same thing. There are still some in the car park at the La Linea Fottball stadium but I assume that they pay to park there.

  3. yes they are a pain the backside at times,yet it does not bother me at and let live is what i say,yes they may be a few who leave a mess behind but i think most of them are decent law abiding people.all the years i have lived here i see more and more people twisting about otner peoples life styles instead of getting on with there own lives instead of all this crap.and no i am not a motorhome owner.


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