Mojacar sets standard for motorbike safety

LETHAL: Traditional crash barriers a hazard to motorcyclists.

ROAD safety for motorcyclists in the Mojacar area is set to be improved following a motion passed unanimously in a recent plenary meeting.

Opposition group, Somos Mojacar, put forward a proposal to replace or modify crash barriers on main roads around the town.

Somos Mojacar’s Jessica Simpson said that the current design which is made up of a single metal rail supported by posts is designed to protect drivers of four-wheeled vehicles in the case of a collision, but can cause serious injury or death to a motorcycle rider.


Simpson explained that in the event of a motorcycle hitting the crash barrier, the rider is propelled beneath the single rail which acts as a ‘guillotine,’ on many occasions causing amputation of limbs or spinal injuries.

According to a study undertaken by the group, traditional crash barriers, first installed throughout Spain in 1972, are the cause of 15 per cent of deaths in road accidents involving motorcycles.

A number of towns across Spain have already installed a new type of barrier which has two parallel rails which prevents the rider from sliding beneath the barrier.

Affected roads in Mojacar include the AL-6111 towards Turre, the AL-1203 from the petrol station and the AL-5107 near Sopalmo.

Simpson told EWN: “I am a regular motorcycle passenger and as the number of motorbikes on the roads continues to increase, we need our town to be as safe as possible for riders and I hope other towns follow suit.”

EWN spoke to Almeria-based motorcycle racing supremo, Antonio Maeso, who said: “There have been some horrific injuries suffered by riders in motorbike crashes involving barriers, this has led to the motorcycling world campaigning for a change to the design.”

Maeso, who has just returned to racing after suffering serious injuries in a crash at the Isle of Man TT races in 2013, added that the best way to ensure safety on a motorcycle is to ride within the speed limits and save high speeds for track days on dedicated circuits.



  1. Trying to send a reply to one of the articles in EuroWeeky regarding “Road Safety to be Top of Agenda”. I have ONLY been in Spain two years so please do not be offended by my comments – BUT the driving is not good. Indicator are NOT an optional extra and should be used to show other drivers where you are going.. People crossing the road: LOOK LEFT/RIGHT and IF SAFE cross as sometimes us drivers cannot see you behind the bins etc. The kindness shown to us foreigners in your lovely country MUST be extended by courtsey on the roads: IT WILL SAVE LIVES


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