Gay Pride kicks off in Torremolinos


GAY PRIDE has officially touched down in Torremolinos.

At noon today (June 2) various members of the council, including Mayor Jose Ortiz, gathered on the front balcony of the town hall, where they smiled at the eagerly awaiting crowd before unfurling the rainbow flag, signifying the start of four days of LGBT-activities that are set to whirl their way through the town like a big gay tornado.

After the ceremony the crowd of people mixed and mingled and shared a bit of lighthearted conversation, while the midday sun beat down like a laser beam, surely a sign of more good weather to come as things begin to sizzle and smoulder along the southern coast.


Although it may come as a surprise considering the town’s reputation as the gay treasure trove of the Costa del Sol, this is in fact only the second Gay Pride to make its way to Torremolinos, following last year’s hugely successful event.

Previous administrations in the town took issue with what they saw as they more unsavoury aspects of gay culture, namely transvestites and drag queens parading their way through the street in broad daylight.

Ortiz, on the other hand, has been a staunch supporter of the gay movement, and with his backing this year’s Gay Pride is surely poised to make Torremolinos bigger, bolder and more fabulous than ever before.

Those looking to get involved certainly won’t be short of options in the upcoming days, as the unfurling of the flag was only the starting pistol. The events continue this evening, with children’s activities at 6pm and later the official pregon (opening speech), will be supplied by actors Bibiana Fernandez and Manuel Bandera. The festivities will then continue over the course of the weekend, until Sunday June 5.

More coverage to follow. 



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