A politician we can trust?

CAMERON: Revelling his true contempt for the voters who put him into office.

IN my opinion David Cameron is now running scared. In his barely disguised panic, he is actually revealing his true contempt for the voters who put him into office.

With every ludicrous statement concerning the downside of leaving the EU, he insults the intelligence of the public even more. Well, tread a little more carefully Dave, better leaders than you have underestimated the British people. You may consider your constituents as inferior peasants, but public schooling and a lofty disdain for those with intellect ‘below’ your standing blinds you to the fact that your average Joes are a great deal brighter than you may think. Personally I don’t believe the leader of our country should be on any side.

To my mind he should be a mediator. Garnering all the facts together and presenting both sides of the argument, so that people can have clear unbiased choices and make their own minds up accordingly.


 We are not voting for a government; it is far more serious than that. This is a vote for the future, and probably the survival of our children and our culture. All this bickering, traded insults and increasingly inane statements from our politicians are not helping at all. We need a voice of impartial reason, someone we can trust and rely on to tell us the truth.

Unfortunately Dave, although it should be, it certainly isn’t you. In fact casting an eye over the whole ragbag of the nation’s power-mad politicians, I actually couldn’t come up with one name I truly thought could reach this particular criterion.

Now if we could resurrect Enoch Powell, I think the quest would be far easier. Ah well, dream on Leapy. As a final thought this week: correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the economists warn us all those years ago that not joining the Euro would also result in economic isolation and monetary disaster for the UK? Mmm?

Thanks for all your mail. Keep ‘em coming, the ol’ boy can still take it. And whatever you do, always 

Keep the Faith.

Love Leapy.  Leapylee2002@gmail.com.



  1. I think you just about hit the nail on the head Leapy. Our Prime Minister should not be taking sides, but as you say, laying out the facts so the common people can have a balanced perspective of both sides of the argument.
    He has made a fool of himself with his stance, and I do not expect him to stay in power once the referendum is over.
    Personally, I think we should leave, and I do not believe all the hype that is being put forward about the problems associated with us leaving.
    Rahoy has also made a fool of himself yesterday with his projected effect on British people living in Spain. If they made it so hard that everyone left, the Spanish economy would take a nosedive into oblivion. It would seem he has no idea of the amount of money the English bring into the country.

  2. AGREE 100% LEE & with ROY
    Our so called elected leader should not be taking sides, he should leave it to others not in his Government to voice opinions & hell they pay Millions to so called Specialist Advisors.. ( Turn out to be Spin Doctors ) But should be left to others to voice opinions after anyone who wants voices an opinion. then up to us to make our minds up.. We all know Politicians lie 99.9% of Time.. In Camerons case it is 100% of Time. Watched Question Time in week & Grinning Hyena Hamilton one of first ever charged with fiddling expenses. saying nothing of importance. because he don’t know. Worst Question Time I have ever seen.. All Polititians had no true answers to questions put.. So of No Help !!!!!! Farage & Cameron should be interesting in the week.. Ha Ha That’s if WWIII has not started !!! Cheers O/M/C

  3. Yes, what you have just said is exactly right!
    I want the UK to leave the EU but I think that clear information supplied by the government should have been given to the British people on remaining and leaving, covering areas such as Trade, Jobs, Immigration, Civil rights, Democracy, Sovereignty etc. There are many people who cannot decide or have decided because they have been listening to misguided information and go with that. It is the duty of the government and it’s PM to supply that “non bias” information so those who cannot balance up the facts or don’t know how to find them nor apply common sense can at least have information that makes that a little easier for them, instead our government headed by the PM has put out the greatest one sided load of rubbish that would ever have been possible. Estimates supplied by ppl and entities that haven’t got one thing right in the past several years and if they had the UK move in the direction of some of those fears by the same ppl “we must join the EURO and the ERM” we would have been totally sunk!

    Cameron is interested in protecting his mates, bankers, big business and political elites, when he should be protecting his subjects and his country.

    Ppl including the PM condemn Nigel Farage, if you look at what NF has been saying over the last 15 years you will find nearly everything has come true, those that condemned him “and still do” are using the words they condemned him for over these years, our political elite are a bunch of clowns!

  4. Heard the latest joke

    Some Tory voters want Bore us Johnson as next leader of the Conservative party.

    Bring it on then we will be able to ride our bikes round the M25 or up the M1

  5. No arguments needed. No politician, neither from the right nor from the left, can be trusted. Through the years they all have proven this.


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