Mobile danger: Spanish teenager killed by train while texting across tracks


THREE days of mourning have been declared in the Murcia town of Alguazas, following the death of a local teenage girl who was hit by a train while distracted by her mobile phone on May 31.

The 14-year-old was reportedly wearing headphones and texting when she crossed the tracks just outside of the Alguazas train station.

Pedestrians are forbidden from crossing that section of the tracks but the girl was on her way to a dance class, and had likely walked across before and felt comfortable.


The train driver blasted a warning sign and blew the whistle, but to no avail, and unfortunately didn’t have enough time to stop, telling police that he was “going at 140 km/h”.

As yet the girl has not been identified but is understood to come from a “well loved family” in the town, according to mayor Blas Angel Ruiperez.

The incident is the latest in series involving youngsters suffering serious or lethal injury due in part to phones. In October last year a teenage boy was electrocuted while attempting to take a selfie on top of a Barcelona bound train. 



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