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Endesa users warned of scam email with invoice leading to virus attack

IT has come to the attention of Euro Weekly News that a fraud campaign targeting energy users in Spain is masquerading as an official invoice from the Endesa energy company.

The factura pictured above comes with a link inviting recipients of the email to click on it, at which point your computer is at serious risk of being infected by a malicious virus that could impact your personal data.

Endesa is aware of the issue and is on the case, sending an email to customers which, translated to English, reads as follows:

Dear Customer:

Endesa has detected a fraudulent campaign simulating Endesa bill notices inviting users to download the bill. Once you open the mail if you “click” you will be linked to a page with malicious code (“virus”) that blocks the personal files of computer users .

Endesa do not recommend clicking on any email links or invoices that does not come from the sender “Endesa Online”

We are taking appropriate action against these attacks.

We will keep you informed of any significant change in this matter.

Thanks for trusting us.

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  • I thought the e-mail that Endessa sent to me was bogus. If my bank sends me an e-mail they address it to me by name not dear customer and to include the bogus link, If you were a customer and did not speak much Spanish you would be tempted to press the link. It is not surprising that someone has hacked their site if this is the way that they respond

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