Spaniard in a hurry causes huge evacuation at Cologne Airport

Cologne-Bonn airport.

‘A SUSPICIOUS person’, who sent Cologne-Bonn airport into meltdown after bypassing security checks, has been revealed as a 62-year-old Spanish man. 

The German airport’s Terminal 1 was evacuated at lunchtime today, May 30, when police found the man in a secure area, having somehow snuck past checkpoints in a bid to reach his flight faster. 

Roughly 2,500 passengers were cleared from the terminal, only to be sent through second security checks later, while bomb sniffing dogs were summoned to scout for potential threats. 

Several flights have been delayed but, happy that no real danger exists, airport police have resumed normal service. 

“A person illegally entered the secure area. Federal police are evacuating Terminal 1, and all flights from that terminal have been stopped,” said a police spokeswoman, who later added that the wayward Spaniard “just picked the wrong route”.

It’s not the first time Cologne’s airport has shown cause for concern, with fury erupting in April after undercover inspectors revealed they managed to smuggle weapons through security. 

Meanwhile in March a similar situation unfolded when a woman circumvented security and forced the evacuation of 1,000 people from the second terminal. 


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