La Morena locals up in arms over pig project

Piggy solution to polluted water

RESIDENTS of the La Morena area of Huercal- Overa’s San Francisco area are up in arms over a proposed extension of a nearby pig farm, which they fear will make life in their homes unbearable.

The extension, the 50 or so people who live in the area have complained, is likely to cause them a lot of inconvenience, yet the local authorities do not seem to be taking their opinion into account. One, Fina Perez, said: “I have asthma, I won’t even be able to go out on my terrace if they build the extension.”

The extra smell and the pests the pigs are likely to attract might also affect their own farms, plus waste from the farm could get into the two nearby streams and end up in the sea, the residents insist.


The premises causing the complaints currently has permission to house 484 pigs, but the owners have applied for permission to extend this to 2,500 for the time being. Although they presented the council and the Environmental Board with a petition against the extension, the locals claim they have been told that the town hall can do nothing if the application is in order.

However, they stressed, they have nothing against the owner of the offending farm, simply against the consequences of his project.



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