Rat-free storage needed for Sayalonga Council

Arena Photo UK / Shutterstock.com
SAYALONGA: Needs a rat-free storeroom for food bank donations.

SAYALONGA Council has had to issue an apology in response to local complaints after throwing away undelivered food from a food bank.

Non-perishable foodstuffs had been stored in a municipal warehouse to await delivery in the coming months, yet last week during an inventory municipal workers found that the warehouse was infested with mice and rats which had damaged some items.

Aware of the health and safety risks, the council reported it had no choice but to dispose of the food. Although it understands the importance of getting food to families in need, the town hall said in a note, it could not safely deliver goods which could have been contaminated.


While the plague is eliminated from the warehouse the council is searching for an alternative place to store food to ensure it can be delivered risk-free and in perfect condition.


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