Gibraltar claims to have first renewable wave energy system in Europe

GBC Video
Chief Minister Picardo switching on the new system

ACCORDING to a filmed report broadcast on GBC TV which also appears on their web site, the first ever renewable wave energy system in Europe was launched in Gibraltar by the Chief Minister on May 26

Their report shows Mr Picardo at an installation in the east of Gibraltar which operates special buoys that translate wave activity to actual electrical energy. The Government signed an agreement with Israeli company Eco Wave Power to introduce this form of low cost clean electricity and this is part of a plan to increase the level of renewable energy including solar power.

It is hoped that wave power will eventually supply up to 15 per cent of Gibraltar’s electrical needs.

This is naturally good news for Gibraltar but what is a little perplexing is the claim that this is the first renewable wave energy system in Europe as there is little doubt that Spain will point out that such systems, albeit operating under somewhat different technology already exist in Mutriku in Northern Spain and the Island of EL Hierro in the Canaries has on occasions been completely self-sufficient in electricity thanks to a combination of wave power and wind power.

Perhaps this is actually the first of this type of system to be introduced to Europe, not the first actual renewable wave energy system especially as with little checking it was easy to find others in both Scotland and the Azores.


  1. This is the firsf wave energy system in europe to be operating under a PPA and commercial terms. There are wave technologies in Spain and in EMEC test site in Spain, but all of them are in TESTING phase, non is cost -efficient or connected to a grid through a power purchase agreement. The 1st company in the world that did it was Carnegie in Australia and the 2nd one in the world and first one in Europe is Eco Wave Power.

  2. No the first one was Pelamis Wave Power in Scotland who sold machines on a commercial basis to Enersis, part of Babcock and Brown in Portugal. These were connected to the grid through a power purchase agreement.

  3. Few facts about Pelamis: 1. It doesnt exsist anymore 2. It never had an array 3. It was never commercially viable as it never reached a cost efficient price. In fact, hundreds of millions were spent for a tiny production facility.

  4. Pelamis doesnt exist anymore, for all i know the system blew up many years ago. The technology is not novel however from checking online different info points. the only grid connected wave plant up to today in Europe belongs to Gibraltar right now.


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