Cuevas de Los Medina’s mosquito misery

Ivankibo /
SCHOOL CHILDREN: Forced to spend breaks locked in classrooms to avoid mosquitoes.

MOSQUITOES, flies and the smell are virtually holding residents of Cuevas de Los Medina hostage inside their homes and the local school, they have complained.

The problem lies within a rubbish recycling plant less than a kilometre away which has over recent months started dealing with organic waste rather than solids. This, the residents complain, is causing problems, especially when the wind blows from the west as is usually the case in the area.

In fact, apart from the stench, the mosquitoes can get so bad that parents and teachers at Maestro Rodriguez Espinosa have had to start keeping children inside at break time as they were coming back from the playground covered in bites.

Although complaints have been lodged with the Junta de Andalucia regional government’s Health and Environmental departments, this has failed to achieve much.

Parent association spokeswoman Maria del Carmen Cesar said: “we were unlucky, they sent an inspector but the wind was blowing in the opposite direction that day and the problem was nowhere near as bad as it usually is.”


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