Is technology adversely affecting test results?

TECHNOLOGY: Children love it but for some it may be detrimental to their education.

LAPTOPS and tablets are becoming ever more present in the classroom with many praising their ability to assist youngsters and prepare them for a technologically growing world. But are they affecting a child’s test scores?

A study conducted at the United States Military Academy found that students who were allowed to use laptops or tablets in class performed worse than those who went without.

The researchers said those with an initially higher grade point average were most heavily affected with the devices appearing to ‘dumb them down.’ Students who were allowed unrestricted use of their electronic devices saw their scores drop by 1.7 points on average on the 100 point marking scale.

The negative effects were seen most heavily in male students, and those who came into the class with higher grades.

Researchers believe this unrestricted use can lead to distractions, with students checking social media and it may reduce students’ abilities to effectively take notes.


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