Chile bans Kinder Eggs and Happy Meals amid free toy controversy

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Kinder Eggs contain insane amounts of sugar, according to reports.

CHILE has banned Kinder eggs and McDonald’s Happy Meals, among other products, as part of a national effort to combat obesity, it emerged on Wednesday May 25.

Senator Guido Girardi, a medical doctor who introduced the new legislation, said that the move is designed to set a global example and launch “a crusade against deceiving propaganda mainly directed towards children.”

Health Ministry representative Tito Pozarro added that both products are sold with a “commercial hook” for kids, referring to the ‘free’ toys that accompany them, and contain “high levels of salt, sugar and saturated fat.”

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“The ‘meal’ as it is today is not ‘happy’ from the point of view of analytical nutritionists,” he added. “If McDonald’s wishes to promote a healthier product, then we could allow it to do so.”

President Michelle Bachelet, who is herself a paediatrician, is on a mission to tackle obesity in her country, where almost 10 per cent of under-fives and 30 per cent of under-sevens are considered to be overweight.


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