Britain pivots to European demand

Roughly 150,000 cars were built across the UK in April alone

BRITS are buying much fewer home-produced cars than in the past, despite production levels increasing for the ninth consecutive month in April. The news shows the export market to be in rude health but it will be of concern to industry insiders that less than 30,000 vehicles were built last month with local buyers in mind.

Roughly 150,000 cars were built across the UK in April alone, which represents a solid increase of 16.4 per cent on the same month last year but those built for the local market actually fell by a solid 8 per cent.

The vast majority of British built cars are destined for the continent with European nations accounting for the bulk of the 81.5 per cent of British cars which are now exported. The increase in foreign demand is excellent news for one of the UK’s strongest industries which has overcome many crises in its long history.


Manufacturing is thought to add in the region of €20 billion to the British economy and support almost one million jobs, with 160,000 people directly involved in the production process. There is, however, ongoing concern that if Britain leaves the EU, cars exported abroad could be subject to new tariffs which would have a negative impact on sales.


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