Archbishop of Valencia in potential legal battle with LGBT community

© SAD-Archidiocesis de Valencia via YouTube
Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera is the Archbishop of Valencia.

ON May 25 the Archdiocese of Valencia published the full version of a sermon given by Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera on their website The sermon had previously been read by the Cardinal at the Chapel of St. Ursula of the Catholic University of Valencia.

The publication of the sermon follows a public row between the Cardinal and the pro-LGBT organisation Lambda, who believed that the Cardinal, having expressed his concern over a growing rejection of traditional family values, had allegedly tried to foster hateful attitudes and encourage discrimination based on sexuality.

Cardinal Cañizares was singled out by Lambda after he stated that some political leaders lend support to the idea of a “gay empire,” and the “development of feminist ideology.”


The text of the sermon is not considered to be inflammatory by the cardinal, and he has invited trained lawyers to examine it and determine, whether his words contained any hint of homophobic inclination or any intent to ignite distrust or hate towards a specific group of people. 

The Cardinal wishes lawyers to officially decide whether speaking out in defence of conservative family values should be seen a manifestation of homophobia. Lambda however, is reportedly continuing to seek legal advice and will potentially take action against Cardinal Cañizares.

A spokesperson from Lambda has also stated that when the Cardinal speaks of Christian families and the family unit, he does not take into account that there are also LGBT people within it.


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