World fame for Frigiliana: our chocolate box village

There is always a chance that our local chocolate box village could be chosen to stage the event

Once the best-kept secret in Axarquia, the typical ‘white village’ of Frigiliana seems well on the way to reaching international fame, as it has now been included on the list of the most charming and beautiful villages in the world.

The quiet, peaceful village began to make the news last year, when Ferrero Rocher chose it as one of the Spanish villages to compete to be the chocolate box village, featured in the popular brand’s 25th anniversary celebrations, coming a very close second.

Now the village, which had already achieved a well-deserved place on the list of the 44 most charming and beautiful villages in Spain, has been added to the international version of the list as the Spanish association has been officially accepted into the ‘most charming and beautiful villages in the world’ federation, at its latest assembly in Quebec.


Consul general for Spain in Montreal, Antonio Luis Bullon, praised the association’s efficient work to promote the Spanish jewels, and congratulated it on its new status as a full member of the federation.

Association President Francisco Mestre spoke of the importance of this membership, explaining that it will serve to better promote the Spanish villages (which also include Mojacar and Lucainena de las Torres in Almeria, Pampaneira in Granada, Vejer de la Frontera in Cadiz and Zuheros in Cordoba) and attract more visitors.

Next year, Spain is expected to be given the chance to further promote itself by hosting the international federation’s seventh annual assembly.

Although this has yet to be confirmed and the location is likely to be one of the larger areas, there is always a chance that our local chocolate box village could be chosen to stage the event, bringing welcome guests and income to the area.



  1. Four years ago I discovered this magnificent village in southern Spain perched atop mountain peaks overlooking vast green valleys of manicured agricultural farmland,orchards of fruit trees and olive groves set against perpetual blue skies and in the distance the Mediterranean sea. Throughout the valleys and hillsides charming cottages and great villas dot the landscape adding warmth and character at every winding turn. Already you are speechles and then in awe at the sight before you. “Frigiliana a pearly white village set like jewels in a crown in the grasp of mountain peaks that surround it”.


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