Unexpected – and literal – daylight robbery

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THE Costa Blanca has a low crime rate but unfortunately that doesn’t mean that crimes never happen.

Stephen Kermack’s £30,000 (€39,350) gold Rolex was stolen at 2pm in the afternoon while he was on holiday in Albir, his aunt Dorothy Kerslake told the Euro Weekly News.

A woman whom he thought was probably Romanian began to pester him, explained Dorothy who lives in Albir all year round. Stephen, who was staying in a hotel, has been tracing their family tree, and he was more concerned about the books and documents that he was taking to show Mrs Kerslake. 


The woman finally went away but when he saw her break into a run, Stephen became suspicious. That was when he realised his watch had gone. 

“If she hadn’t started running I would never have guessed something was wrong,” he told his aunt later. 

As a silver BMW drew up beside her, the woman jumped in and the vehicle sped off. How she managed to divest him of the watch so deftly was beyond him, Stephen said.  

Ironically it was stolen in broad daylight. “Had it been late at night I’d have been on my guard,” he told his aunt afterwards.

Stephen reported the theft to the Guardia Civil headquarters in Altea, where he was invited to leaf through countless photographs of possible suspects. As he confessed to the officers, however, there were so many women with long dark hair that it was impossible to pick her out.

She almost certainly belonged to an organised crime ring and the Rolex was probably already out of the country, the Guardia Civil explained. Neither could it be legitimately sold or repaired as the robbery has been reported and its serial number would flag it up as stolen.

 “Be on your guard,” Mrs Kerslake warned readers, “whatever the time of day.” 


  1. Me,I have a £10 watch,it tells exactly the same time as a £30.000 Rolex but if someone steals my watch,I would not chase them,just buy another.

  2. OMG My husband had exactly the same thing happen to him in Albir in March, he was approached by a young woman with long dark hair, and as he got into his car, she grabbed hold of his wrist, he did not realize at the time she had stolen his rolex watch (30 years old I might add) till he went to look at the time. The Guardia Civil told him the exact same thing. It is a revolving door though, if they do catch them, they are let out the next day to carry on thieving …..


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