Mutiny at Malaga Airport as easyJet staff call for strike

The strike would be indefinite and run for 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

The Malaga-Costa del Sol airport may be set for travel chaos after members of the Federal Union of The General Confederation of Labour (CGT), working within the subsidiary easyJet Handling Spain, submitted a call for a general strike of all easyJet staff to begin Tuesday, May 31.

The strike would be indefinite and run for 24 hours per day, seven days per week. “We want to display the strongest possible protest against the completely unjustified dismissals of three colleagues,” said a CGT source, adding that as in previous cases “it seems that company practice is to process ‘disciplinary’ dismissals, then later offer financial settlements when they recognise the inappropriate nature of their actions.”

According to the no-frills carrier, the measures fall in line with the company’s ‘viability plan,’ but the CGT are convinced that it is “a method that only aims to increase profits of the airline as they lay off employees in possession of long-term contracts with decent wages and other perks, in order to replace them with temporary staff on precarious contracts and with harsh working conditions.”

The CGT source continued, adding that easyJet Handling Spain “has not failed to improve their record profit margin for five consecutive years, and they want to increase it further by applying this policy of unfair dismissals.” easyJet’s viability plan was put into place in February 2016, and included an ‘adjustment’ relating to Spanish staff, despite its €1 billion profit margin in 2015.

Given that easyJet is Malaga’s second-largest airline by numbers of passengers, anyone wishing to travel in or out of the Costa del Sol with easyJet at the beginning of June may now wish to consider the possibility of flying into Gibraltar, which offers daily connections to London Gatwick and three flights per week to Bristol.


  1. Sleasyjet comes to mined. Monarch, Ryanair Norwegian are far advanced in there customer service. Lack of repair to the headset,no hangers for jackets on the your seat, no hot food,chilli,speg chip, l don’t know.
    I am a frequent flyer. I am a Carer and thousands go through your flights weekly/monthly/ annually!
    Show you care !!
    Don’t need my name already on your system


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