14000-year-old engravings discovered in Berriatua

© Grupo ADES / Diputación de bizkaia
Atxurra cave, near the Basque town of Berriatua.

ON Tuesday May 24 archaeologist Diego Garate revealed that cave engravings, thought to be over 14,000-years-old, have been discovered in the Atxurra cave, near the Basque town of Berriatua.

According to the archaeologist, approximately 70 different images depicting animals were finally discovered in the cave.

Although the cave itself was actually discovered in the mid-1930s, these drawings have only been unearthed now. The images are located 300 metres from the mouth of the cave, ensuring they remained hidden from view since the site was opened in the last century.


Some of the passages were so narrow, that archaeologists had to crawl to reach the newly discovered engravings. Garate stressed that the find is very important and that the scope of animals depicted is very varied; there are bison and horses, but also sheep and deer.

The cave will remain closed to the public due to safety concerns, however archaeological teams will continue their research at the site.


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