Stronger pound seems to be influenced by latest Brexit poll

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Pounds and Euros.

THE pound had a notable recovery against most currencies, especially the euro on May 25 when it reached an impressive 1.313, its highest for some considerable time, and a number of financial reporters suggest that this coincides with the latest opinion polls which suggest that more and more of the electorate, especially those who are older, are likely to vote to remain within the European Union.

Whether this is the true reason or not, it now appears that those in favour of the Brexit have accepted that the government and those in favour of remaining within the EU appear to have won the financial argument, and are now likely to concentrate more on immigration and the Turkish visa situation.

Ironically for those in Spain and other EU countries, should Britain vote to leave the Union and strengthen its entry requirements, any number of additional migrants or refugees could well add to the numbers already allocated. 


  1. Yeah right! The pound has been getting stronger during its ups and downs since January when the polls where favouring Brexit but no one cared to mention that did they, it’s one of the reasons DC has been campaigning in such an aggressive manner, even the government thought leave supporters had the upper hand… good luck to you if your vote to remain is influenced by this claptrap.


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