Spanish forces rescue hundreds of stranded immigrants off southern Italy

© Guardia Civil
A Guardia Civil dinghy moves in to begin the rescue operation.

THE Civil Guard’s seafaring wing have rescued a total of 276 North African immigrants who were adrift in Italian waters as part of their involvement in Operation Triton, the long-term exercise governed by the European Union border management agency FRONTEX.

This latest incident occurred after an Italian Coast Guard aircraft spotted a green fishing boat, around 22 metres in length, approximately 270 kilometres south of the peninsula, which was in grave danger due to adverse weather conditions.

The crew of the Civil Guard vessel ‘Rio de Segura’ were alerted and made their way to the stricken boat, where they immediately began to evacuate the imperiled migrants.


A total of 102 men, 28 women and 146 children were successfully saved from the sinking trawler and transferred to the Italian port of Taranto.

While aboard they were provided with food and water, and no injuries have been reported.


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