EasyJet flight from Canaries makes forced landing at Madeira

© Wikimedia
EasyJet A320 Aircraft.

ON the afternoon of Tuesday, May 24, EZY8704 took off from Tenerife en route to London Gatwick carrying 167 passengers including children and six crew members, but after one hour of flight the Captain contacted the nearest airport which was on the island of Porto Santo, part of the Madeira group, requesting permission to make an emergency landing as he smelled burning in the cockpit.

According to reports, the landing was made safely and all passengers disembarked using steps rather than escape chutes which could have been deployed. It appears that the smell was the result of a problem with bearings in a fan, but as the aircraft was an A320, which was the same basic model as the recently lost EgyptAir flight where the pilot also reported a burning smell, this was clearly a sensible precaution.

Passengers were taken by coach to a nearby hotel where they were able to relax a little and obtain refreshments, before they continued their journey on a replacement aircraft.




  1. As I said before and will again- I won’t use that plane so
    no longer can go and see my son in the states as all the airlines use it.
    I don’t want 9/10 like a sardine in a can and they need to sort the airbus 320 out


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