Spanish Royal Academy launch campaign against ‘invasion of English’

The campaign aims to ‘fight Anglicisms in an original and daring way’.

THE Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) is so sick by the current trend of using English words in Spanish language that it has launched a glossy campaign called ‘There’s Only One Mother Tongue.’

A promotional video accompanying the drive features two satirical adverts, which highlight how many Spanish people have no idea what English words ‘invading’ their language actually mean.

At the start of the two-and-a-half minute video, the line ‘English is invading advertising from within’ is flashed on screen, followed by a number of English words and phrases that have entered Spanish culture.

The first ad in the video is for a perfume by the name of ‘Swine,’ with a sensuous voice describing it as ‘a touch of magic by Rebecca Robinson,’ whereas the second features some stylish sunglasses ‘with blind effect.’

Both adverts are then shown for a second time, revealing that Swine ‘means you smell of pig,’ and that it ‘sounds very good, but it smells really bad,’ whereas the glasses ‘sound very good, but you see really bad.’

Both products can be ordered free of charge via the Internet.

Creative Director of the advertising company Grey España, which created the campaign (and that, ironically, has a partially English name) said: “Advertising is one of the main sectors affected, since the excessive use of English not only affects manufacturers, but the general population and their perception of commercial messages.”

The RAE also opposed the Spanish entry into this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which was sung entirely in English, describing Barei’s ‘Say Yay!’ as “inferior and idiotic.”


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