Copper thieves finally apprehended by the Guardia Civil

© Guardia Civil
One of the recovered shotguns.

The Guardia Civil have released a statement on May 24, confirming that they have apprehended those responsible for the theft of more than 15 tonnes of copper wiring from various locations across Spain. 

The police operation, entitled NAIDAR, has resulted in the arrest of 57 individuals allegedly connected or involved in the 205 criminal acts that took place in 19 different provinces across Spain.  

The theft of the copper wiring took places at strategic points, such as wind and photovoltaic plants, railway infrastructures, telephone networks and power lines on public roads.

The NAIDAR operation, developed in Albacete, has since determined that the 57 persons arrested belonged to a criminal organisation dedicated to the theft of this material. 

Furthermore, the operatives have located one of the sales outlets where some the stolen 15 tonnes of copper wiring were transported to and then disposed of or sold on.

A police search of 45 houses in connection with the crimes unearthed various concealed electronic devices, two stolen 12 calibre shotguns, many mobile phones and extensive documentation relating to the copper theft investigation.

In addition to the arrest for alleged involvement in nation-wide copper theft, the detainees pertaining to the 205 crimes have also been charged with robberies, public disorder, possession of weapons, robbery and use of motor vehicles, assault on persons of authority and membership to a criminal organisation.


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