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David Cameron and Boris Johnson

Mr Smith likes to think of himself as impartial to the forth-coming referendum, but really is very bias towards the in camp, lets look at some of the things he wrote about.

1,he wrote who’s leading the out camp,now his had his say,now who is leading the in camp, well we have dodgy dave who has proved he couldn’t negotiate his way out of a wet paper bag and has aspirations on being president of europe one day he’s also a lier and every body knows it, except mr smith,and then we have george osborn, a man who hasn’t got a clue on whats going on, but he needs dodgy dave to win the referendom so’s he will have a chance of becoming prime minister.

now goerge will somebody tell him that house prices in britain go up and down about every 10 to 15 years, so if they went down it wouldn’t supprise any one who had ounce of common sense,also you have ALAN JOHNSON,the great union leader and govenment minister, what a piece of crap he is,this is the same alan johnson who claped every time BUDGET brown [another one of the in crowd ]got his sums wronge an then went on to steal 35 billion pounds out of the pension funds of decent hard working british people,and any labour party personnel who was in parliament at this time ,who say that the eu is good for the british workers and they care for the british worker they are lying to you or they would have done something to stop bodget brown and his side kick tony blair from stealing this money,.but you didn’t mention any of this people did you mr smith.


2 you mention how britain took every thing from the colones but you forget to say how much we have put back since they have been independent,

3. yes the european passport i’ve never liked it but who, but a bias person would believe that spain for one country would not except the european passport off british holiday makers, i for one could not see benidorm closing a third of their hotels if we voted out, they would still honour them for about ten years.and if spain was told by the eu not to honour them i could see spain wanting to leave the eu.

4. you went on about the EHIC card and also about our medical in spain, now tell, can you mr smith see spain closing a third of their hospitals because they do not want to collect 100 million euros from britain each year just because they want to take away our sip cards..also you forgot to mention the TTIP.and what that might have on the spanish health service [also on the NHS back in britain].everybody may be on private health insurance if the eu adopt the ttip.

5. in march you wrote about the referendom,and you made a big mentionof how the pound had dropped since the referendom had been called but there was no mention of how much it risen since then.

well mr smith you well wish to come over impartial,but we think your very bias. (posted in full as received)

Sue and Tony Wade, La Escuera .


Dear Sue and Tony,

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to share with us your opinion on the piece that I wrote as well as expressing your views on the Brexit referendum itself.

I would like to make it very clear that I do have an opinion, and what I first said in the article about opinion was that Euro Weekly News allowed everyone to express theirs which is partly what I did, as I also raised some questions about the future which remain unanswered, and I suspect will remain unanswered for some time.

Without trying to appear too dramatic, I could have compared the reaction on both sides of the argument to the Spanish Civil War, where brother fought brother, and in an unbiased way, I blamed both sides of the argument for the hysteria and the inability to give fact rather than opinion when pontificating to the public at large.

Looking at each of your observations, I don’t think that I made any reference to the Conservative Government and its official pro-position other than to call them the Eton boys, which wasn’t intended as a compliment.

Britain apologised a few years ago for sending so many people into slavery and we still managed to hold on to the colonies for hundreds of years until several of them became somewhat upset and rebelled. Aden, Cyprus, Kenya in particular saw bloody conflict before we granted them and others independence.

About a million died in India and Pakistan thanks to badly implemented partition, and a lot of the problems with Muslim countries have come about because of the way we carved up the territories with little thought for anything other than oil, which is why France kept the bits at the top of North Africa and we had influence in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. 

In my opinion, we haven’t paid anything like the amount that we Brits took from all of our possessions, including Canada and Australia.

I simply asked what would happen, if we left the Union, about passports. At the end of the day, we would have to replace about 50 million passports. Could we cope and how much would it cost? That is not a bias or unfair comment, it’s a question which no-one seems able to answer.

Again with the EHIC card, I was asking a question and I do apologise for not mentioning the TTIP which seems quite offensive and could hurt much of Britain’s right of self-determination. Luckily our EU allies the French look as if they will block it for us, whilst the British Government keeps quiet.

It is fair comment that I did overlook the fact that the pound has recovered against the euro in my previous piece; I do believe that I was reporting a fact and I am delighted to be able to confirm this fact has now been reversed.

To summarise, I do want to see Britain remain within the European Union, but I don’t believe that my article did more than raise a number of questions, as well as making a couple of what I thought were amusing yet pertinent observations, but perhaps my sense of humour doesn’t appeal to everyone and I shall have to remember that for the future.

There is no doubt in my mind however that my last paragraph was absolutely above reproach when I said: “Those who can vote need to really think about what is actually known rather than what is fervently hoped for, before casting their vote.”


  1. before the first vote on whether or not to join the EU there was just as much doubt and confusion and diverse opinions as now. however the plunge was taken to join.. as we found out later, ted heath and his cronies mislead the electorate on the exact nature of the UK membership. Fact:- neither the EU nor the Government really operate with the electorate foremost. self interest prevails.

  2. Contrary to what is suggested above, Dave’s recent negotiations were very successful. His main aim was to protect the City of London Bankers from future EU changes to make them behave with some decency. He did a good job on that score. That’s why he came back with a huge smile on his face because he had served his paymasters.

  3. From the first indications of a desire for a referendum – there has been a dearth of factual information about the benefits of remaining in the EU, any facts of opt outs and concessions UK has achieved over the years. Media rules, and photo calls, video clips, ad interviews for those who make off the cuff remarks are utterly misleading and harmful distractions as journalists compete for the best sound bite, and of course the annual awards! The facts are out there – all one needs to do is let the info in !. Like – Article 50 clause 4 of the Treaty of Lisbon – anyone read it ? What lunatic country would sign up to that. But all did sign ! to not be allowed to create a reserve currency (tied to the dollar for ever) NATO more or less merged with the EU – so really the USA regards EU as a 51st state, of which the UK is just a small county ! – to apply to exit the EU – takes at least 2 years – the other 27 countries would determine the terms and conditions of exit. UK has NO voice – and NO the referendum CANNOT be done again under the present rules. I am absolutely sick of trying to engage with anyone on a discussion of the facts and problems of being in or out – superficiality and self interest are always superior ! Perhaps it needs to be cancelled ? One does wonder if it is all worth it (at a huge cost – and for what benefit ?) Cheers – Beiderbeck (Almeria)


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