Bulls are back in the ring in Benejuzar

Two matadors were slightly injured by the bulls.

BENEJUZAR has hosted its first bullfight in the last 30 years.

The event went ahead despite protests from animal groups who objected as soon as the bullfight was announced.

Although animal rights protesters did not attend on the day, protests are still expected.

The bullfight involved 12 matadors and five bulls and the competition was divided into three rounds for each of the five bulls with the men showing their skills in being able to avoid the bull, although two did receive slight injuries after being caught.

Organisers billed it as a show for the whole family and invited children into the ring afterwards where they had to dodge a man dressed as a bull.


  1. Disgraceful .. evil and out of date! Why does anyone in this day and age what to see such cruelty ..this is not sport. its abuse! shame on you .. keep up with the times.. animal abuse is not accepted any more ..

  2. OMG that’s terrible why would anybody take their children to such a cruel event. Are the people living in the Middle Ages ?


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