Alfaz del Pi to combat pesky tiger mosquitoes with drone technology

The mosquitoes are invasive and can carry viruses such as Zika

ALFAZ DEL PI is combating the invasive tiger mosquitoes, now spreading along the Mediterranean coast, with drones.

Once they have identified the humid areas and stagnant water where the mosquitoes breed these can then be eliminated, said Alfaz’s Health Councillor Dolores Albero.

She stressed the importance of public cooperation in helping to control the mosquitoes. Leaflets were published describing the preventative measures, that include a trap using a plastic bottle baited with water, yeast and sugar.


  1. We live in Albir. No information, no leaflets. Just like last year…. But we are used to this, the information they refer to are for the locals (Spanish), as with all communication from the town hall. They pretend we foreigners dont exist – well up to when they want to collect the tax money, suddenly we are important for a day or two…..


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