Prostitution prevention measures in Almeria Province

Under Arrest: couple who blackmailed family member into prostitution is under arrest.Credit: Shutterstock

THE Almeria Provincial Council has strengthened its bonds with the Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Attention to Women Involved in Prostitution (APRAMP).

In a statement, the Provincial Council explained that the Delegate of Equality, Family, and Living, Dolores Martinez, has held a meeting with the coordinator of APRAMP to establish new lines of communication and cement existing ties between the two organisations.

Provincial experts also participated in the meeting. During the meeting the coordinator of APRAMP presented new documents and materials related to awareness and education about the situation of prostitution in Almeria and elsewhere.


The objective of the collaboration between the two entities is to help women who are the victims of illegal prostitution and violent situations related to prostitution in Almeria Province.

The Provincial Council hopes that by drawing on the resources of APRAMP, it can continue to do battle against this issue and help alleviate the suffering of women who are in unwanted situations of prostitution.

Martinez expressed her gratitude for the hard work that APRAMP carries out and congratulated the organisation for all that it has achieved. in creating increased visibility for this issue.


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