Levante beach-front chiringuitos closed

Photo Credit Shutterstock.
CLAMPDOWN: Levante beach, Puerto Banus.

MARBELLA Council has ordered the immediate closure and demolition of ‘Levante’ and ‘La Marina’ chiringuitos located on Levante beach in Puerto Banus, the latter of which belongs to the La Pesquera chain.

Both beach bars lack the necessary authorisation to occupy what the council call ‘maritime-terrestrial public domain,’ despite having been open for over a decade, and they will now be torn down by municipal labourers if the owners do not volunteer to do so themselves.

The Coastal Authority (CA) say that they were previously unaware of the infringements, as they were under the impression that the bars were located on land under jurisdiction of the port, but this is not the case.

The demolition orders were issued on April 6, and on Monday, May 15 CA officials were on hand to seal the establishments shut.


  1. I find it astonishing that the Coastal Authority can just suddenly “find out” that the land on which the chiringuitos stand is their property. A further fine example of the incompetence of Spanish bureaucrats and then of the high-handed way in which they deal with a problem they created themselves… I suppose no-one will lose their job for this infringement oversight? But the chiringuito staff will presumably lose theirs and will the owners have to cough up compensation for the staff in the usual draconian way?

  2. Thanks for commenting Mike and it was great to see you on Saturday.
    Next time you are in the area please feel free to make contact and we will chew the fat over a good meal – we know a good chef that will muck in lol.
    Thanks again for the praise of the biggest ever edition it was gratefully received.


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