Former mayors of Orihuela facing jail time

ALLEGED IRREGULARITIES: Former mayor of Orihuela Monica Lorente is facing an eight-year jail sentence.

THE anti-corruption prosecutor has requested sentences totalling 44 years in prison for the entrepreneur Angel Fenoll, the main man investigated over alleged irregularities in the contract of rubbish collection from Orihuela.

Prosecutor Pablo Romero has also requested for previous mayors of Orihuela, José Manuel Medina and Monica Lorente, sentences of 12 and eight years in prison, respectively.

The prosecutor is calling for the tough sentences relating to the fraudulent awarding of the contract that was given to Urbaser, and then cancelled to be awarded to a joint venture with three main partners who appeared in the indictment, although Fenoll has been named the “ringleader.”

Their crimes include fraud through bribery, conspiracy, coercion, influence peddling, extortion and electoral offences. A further six councillors and businessmen are facing jail sentences for their involvement.


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