Alicante-Elche airport blocks the use of drones to fight palm-killing weevil

The red palm weevil attacks and kills palm trees.

ELCHE has suffered a setback in the fight against the dreaded red palm weevil, which attacks and kills palm tree.

The company Glen Biotech has shown that you can apply a fungus to affected palms by use of a drone.

The technique represents a breakthrough in the fight against this scourge but, for the moment, it cannot be used in Elche, as drone use is not permitted due to its close proximity to the airport, and they are not expected to be used until a new European law is approved.


Manager of Glen Biotech, Berenice Guerri, explained: “Elche is in the protection zone of the airport but we think that European legislation will remove this ban, which could happen later this year, so Elche can benefit from the technique.”

Guerri explained they have created a drone with the specific purpose of being able to deposit up to 1.5 kilos of fungus on the tree.

It has four propellers to allow more product to be transported, giving more stability in unfavourable winds. The drone was presented at a show held recently in Abanilla.



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