A-list accessories in Marbella

Dolce & Gabbana/Facebook
exclusive: The new collection.

MARBELLA has once again exemplified its status on the international social scene as prestigious Italian fashion Brand Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) has launched an exclusive new line of female fashion accessories inspired by the city’s atmospheric Old Town.

Comprising a series of opulent handbags, silk scarves, and smartphone cases, the ‘City Capsule Collection’ is part of a triple whammy that also includes French cities Cannes and Saint Tropez.

Although the iconic label tends to be influenced by transalpine cities such as Rome, Venice or Florence, it has in this case chosen to select glam Mediterranean tourist hotspots which also accommodate D&G boutiques.

In Marbella’s case, the adornments incorporate a heart design, in the style of the recent campaign launched by Old Town business owners entitled ‘Marbella in the Heart’.

The new collection has also been publicised on social networks, receiving over 40,000 Instagram ‘likes’ in a single day, and also featuring on D&G’s Facebook page, which has over 10 million fans, and Twitter account with four million followers.

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