Unsolicited praise from a fellow newspaper is greatly appreciated

The article from El Noticiero.

IT is always encouraging to receive a pat on the back for what one is doing, but it is doubly pleasing to be praised by your peers and this is the case with an article that has appeared in Spanish language newspaper group El Noticiero.

The story, which appears in each of its editions, refers to the work of Euro Weekly News over nearly 20 years and congratulates on what we have achieved. Whilst the Spanish piece is illustrated above, the English translation reads:

Euro Weekly: hard work and sacrifice, the success of a weekly English newspaper

“Almost 20 years of day in, day out work have served to achieve the best success ever seen in the English language Press sector on the Costa del Sol. That’s why we must publicly congratulate Steven and Michel Euesden, who set up in the area with a project to create a weekly paper to provide information to the thousands of English-speaking residents and visitors.

“Years have gone by, and yesterday (May 19) Steven and Michel launched their EuroWeekly (it is published every Thursday) with 232 pages, a record for national press. It is an enormous newspaper, which includes the special 104-page supplement ‘Costa del Sol Success,’ covering all the information about our popular tourist area.

“EuroWeekly, which has its central offices in Benalmadena, has an edition for the Costa del Sol and another five weekly editions: Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Axarquia, Almeria and Mallorca. A family newspaper company which definitely deserves to be watched and studied, especially for its great success and the way it has been accepted by both readers and advertisers all the way along the Mediterranean coast.”


  1. The EWN deserves all this praise and MORE. What other newspaper or the owners such as Steven and Michel would let Leapy have his say? He is only saying what 90% of people are saying. on the street. S&M stand back and take a bow.

  2. Sorry to disappoint Karl but the Euroweekly does NOT have the same owners as El Noticiero.
    It is a Spanisih owned company completely seperate to anything associated or affiliated with any companies the Directors of the EWN are involved in.
    We do indeed share the same business address however that is true of many of our other offices including that of the Marbella Club and we sure as hell do not own that.
    If that were the case I would have no need to work on a Sunday dealing with small minded people like yourself.
    This article was a complete surprise to everyone at the EWN and we were very humbled by it.
    Shame our fellow countrymen cannot praise our hard work and dedication instead of trying to constantly belittle it due to jealousy
    We do however thank you for being an avid reader Karl albeit ill informed.


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