Latest news on paseo inauguration

Anticipation: Residents are keen for new promenade to open.

THE cava to toast the opening of the new phase of the paseo (promenade) in Mojacar has been put on ice a little longer.

The tentative date set for the inauguration was May 25 but it is more likely to be early June before the new section can be enjoyed.

EWN spoke to tourism councillor and deputy mayor, Emmanuel Aguero, who explained that although the building work was almost finished, the project had to be signed off by ‘Costas,’ the government body which controls projects in the beach areas along the province’s coastline.

Aguero said he visited the site regularly and was pleased with the final touches, which were underway.

There is much speculation about the inauguration date, with a number of residents running a fun sweepstake to guess the actual date.

Residents and visitors alike are eager to use the new walkway, which boasts a cycle path, pedestrian walkway, attractive planting and benches to rest and enjoy the view.

A number of car parking spaces have also been allocated at the section closest to the Red Cross roundabout.

EWN will endeavour to keep its readers informed of any further information.


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