Irish advertisers rush to print media to make the best returns

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Newspapers being printed.

A STUDY carried out by Independent News and Media Ltd (INM) publisher of five national and 13 weekly regional newspapers in the Republic of Ireland, in association with Amarach Research, is believed to be the most comprehensive ever undertaken in Ireland, based on personal interviews with 13,000 newspaper purchasers over a 12-month period.

The conclusion is that print media gives the best return on investment, outstripping all other areas including radio and TV, and according to the INM research, for every €1 spent on print advertising the return can be up to €39 for the retail sector.

The media company also commissioned an econometrics study (which is the application of mathematics, statistical methods, and computer science) in association with Ignite Research, which was run over three years to examine the ongoing role of print in the overall marketing mix, confirming that print plays a major role in advertising by delivering a significant return on investment across all key sectors.


INM Chief Executive Robert Pitt said advertising businesses and brand names that need to reach consumers couldn’t afford not to be seen in print.

“If you’re not in print – and if you’re not in print with a strategy that goes across digital media as well, and other channels – you’re letting your customer down,” Mr Pitt said.

He highlighted the fact that print acts as an influential medium to drive potential customers to other channels, as many online visits are prompted by print advertising.

Having just produced our 232-page record-breaking Costa del Sol edition of Euro Weekly News, not only do we endorse the findings of the INM survey, but we know from first-hand experience that a combination of continuity of issue, a name that can be trusted to print what it says it will print, exceptional distribution and long-established foundations will deliver the response that advertisers need.

At the same time, readers will continue to return and will trust those who advertise regularly in any of the six regional editions – which continue to grow in size – published by EWN, and both readers and advertisers know that there is a natural progression from reading articles and advertisements to picking up the phone or visiting advertisers web sites.


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