The mystery of San Josep tower is solved

town hall of Peñon.
NAMED: Lucio Terencio Mancino.

SANT JOSEP tower in the Villajoyosa countryside overlooking the sea has given up its final secret.

The restored tower, embedded for centuries in a private house, was built between 150 and 170AD to honour the memory of a prominent and clearly affluent Roman citizen.

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That much was obvious to archaeologists, but the identity of the person buried there remained a mystery. In fact the clues were there in Villajoyosa’s museum in the shape of a marble plaque engraved with the name Lucio Terencio Mancino, son of Marco.

The plaque fits perfectly into the north face of the tower but was found some years ago two kilometres away, together with stone removed from the tower in the 16th century.

This was taken to repair the town walls after a pirate raid but never used. The inscription lay forgotten until now, when it can at last be returned to Lucio Terencio Mancino’s final resting place.


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