Mojacar dancing queens on stage in sold-out event

The flamenco display in Mojacar performed to more than 400 spectators.

More than 400 spectators packed out the multi-use artisan centre in Mojacar on Friday May 13 to enjoy a star-studded display of flamenco.

People travelled from across the province and beyond to see the latest edition of the Mojacar flamenco gala, the second in the space of a few months.

The sold-out evening proved to be so popular extra seats had to be brought in. The much anticipated event, co-hosted by Mojacar Council’s culture department and Francesca and Eduardo Girone saw four generations of dancers from the La Chanca district in Almeria perform for the enthusiastic crowd.


Stars of the show included Mari Angeles Carillo, a teacher at the conservatorio in Almeria, her niece, Isa Ramirez, who dances with the Spanish flamenco ballet company, along with other members of the family, Ana Alonso and Mari Angeles Hernandez.

The fast-paced steps, haunting music and colourful gowns had the audience waiting with bated breath for each display and the group didn’t disappoint.

With every scene the dance became more passionate, the talented artists telling the story of the dance and drawing the audience into their spell. The two youngest members of the troupe brought the house down, and Alba Segura aged 10 and her sister Carmen, aged 6, delighted the audience with skills and moves beyond their years.

The accompanying singing and music enhanced the display with singers, Edu Garcia, Antonio Garcia and Cristo Heredia, David Delgado on guitar and Moises Santiago on percussion.

After an almost two-hour extravaganza the performers took their curtain call to a standing ovation and the delighted audience tossed red roses onto the stage.

Girone thanked Mojacar council for its support and told EWN she hoped to organise another Mojacar gala soon.

She thanked EWN for its “excellent promotion” of the event.



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