Helping Team Liberty Insurance athletes to realise their Paralympic dreams

LIBERTY SEGUROS: Popular race to

ON May 22, 2016 the ‘IX Carrera Liberty Seguros 10Km’ or ‘9th Liberty Seguros 10Km Race’ will take place in Madrid. This vastly popular race has a highly significant solidarity objective: to help young athletes of the ‘Team Liberty Insurance Paralympic Athletics’ to realise their dreams of becoming professional paralympians.

These individuals struggle every day to succeed and advance in the professional paralympian arena, and strive to represent Spain internationally in future Paralympic Games.

Registration is little more than €10, however, those that do not wish to take part in the race can contribute to the development of the young athletes of the ‘Liberty Team Paralympic Promises’ by making an anonymous monetary donation of their choice.


This can be done by bank transfer, with the reference clearly marked as ‘Dorsal Zero,’ to the following account with IBAN number: ES73 2038 1042 7560 0080 7227.

This race, which represents a very important part of Liberty’s Corporate and Social Responsibility programme, has been celebrated since 2008.

The event has seen a great rise in popularity over the years and the race has been adapted to make it even more attractive to both participants and fans.  Along with the traditional 10km run, this year Liberty Seguros is set to launch the ‘Carrera de la Superación,’ a 1,000-metre race that has been specifically designed for those who do not have the physical capability, or those that have a disability that impedes them from taking part in the main 10km race.

In connection with the marathon, Liberty Seguros has created #SeSalen, the largest fan club for Paralympic sports to date.

What’s more, to further this support one of Spain’s most famous rap artists, El Langui, has created an anthem. You can show your encouragement for these athletes across social media platforms by quoting the hashtag #SeSalen.

More information:

• The Liberty Seguros Group, one of the principal sponsors of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, strengthens the activity of the ADO Paralympic Plan (ADOP) by supporting athletes in their training.

• The collaboration and partnership was established in 2007 and has since been revised. Over the years the commitment between the two entities has grown and developed into a relationship of mutual trust and success for paralympians.

• As a result of this collaboration, the ‘Liberty Seguros Paralympic Athletics Promises Team’ was born – an initiative in which the insurer supports and finances young people with different disabilities, who are striving to achieve a future in the world of sport.

• The team, made up of 16 boys and girls aged between 12 and 15 years of age from different locations across Spain, are athletes with either physical disabilities, visual impairments or cerebral palsy.


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