Fear and fury over mast monstrosity in Quesada

The tower in question (left), and residents protesting the eyesore (right).

Hundreds of residents have signed a petition against a mast that has been erected right in the middle of their urbanisation in Quesada.

The eyesore, around 60 metres in height, is just two metres from some houses in the Jardin de la Laguna urbanisation and can be seen from across Quesada.

Barbara Pearson has spearheaded a campaign to bring the mast down after it was erected by Telefonica-Movistar on a small plot of their land.

At a protest in the community Barbara said: “Residents are now very stressed and it is making us ill with worry. It went up practically overnight without us being informed. How dare they disregard the health issues and what will happen to it during twisters and high winds. The effects could be devastating. People are very angry.”

Angered resident Angelina Cody said the mast has lost her a house sale: “Are they going to pay me compensation for that? I asked the mayor if he would want to live there and he said “no.” So why was it allowed to happen?”

Another resident complained that they were not allowed an extension on their home due to the height “so how can that be permitted?”

A similar mast around the corner by what is commonly known as the Airport Road, was erected near a children’s play area but later removed and residents want this one down also.

Complaints have also been made to Telefonica-Movistar directly although no response has yet been forthcoming. The mayor has also promised to respond to residents but has yet to do so.


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